Check yourself before you turn it on

Setting on a path to transformation should kick off with an understanding of where you started, so that you can best grasp how far you have come when you get to the other side.
To help you do so, I have created a very  personal questionnaire that will ask you to reflect on the current  state of your sensuality. It will ask you questions about body image, your comfort with intimacy and your  sexual practices.
Answer this questionnaire from a place of  full authenticity (results will be anonymous), and use the results as a starting point to this great  adventure.


Challenge Progress


1) Complete the questionnaire

  • Take time to reflect on your answers: Which ones surprised you? Which ones do you want to transform?

2) Feng Shui your intimate space

  • De-clutter
  • Buy new bedding in warm or neutral colors if necessary
  • Research/source decor and art that speak to you 
  • Make the first night in your "new" space and bed a ritual: take a hot shower, moisturize, light up a candle and revel

3) Pick 2 of the 8 proposed health practices (in doubt, pick the first 2)

  • Implement every day until we meet again

4) Try 1 or more of the Meal Planning options

5) Attempt 1 Breakfast recipe

6) Journal how you want to feel with your body, sensuality and sexuality

Featured Media

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MUSIC: Today is the first day of the rest of your life - It's a New Day Pt. 1 and 2 - James Brown