Cecile Charlot
Working with Cécile has opened up new worlds of sensuality for me. My appreciation and enjoyment of so many things in my life are heightened. I have new habits that bring me great joy. And best of all, I am experiencing new heights of sexual pleasure.
Intimately connect with yourself, set your world on fire.

Adore the bod and revive the self-love.

Tame the beast of your limiting beliefs, un-tell disempowering stories, breathe fire into your confidence.

Strengthen your self-reliability and intuition. Learn to make powerful life decisions from all body centers.

It will put you on the right path with the right people and redefine relationships.

You will emerge taller, radiant, magnificent.

First came sensuality, then came freedom.

Out of your head and into your body.

Pleasure and ecstasy have a taste, a sound, a smell. They are the essence of life.

A sensory diet will teach you invaluable insights about yourself. You will have clarity like never before.

Be both the artist and the masterpiece. Turn your fantasy world into a reality in which you are Queen and your senses are your faithful allies.

Join the movement!

Turn on the Sexy.

Sexplore til you drop.

Feel tingles in "special" places.

Open yourself to true intimacy.

Go on impossibly erotic adventures.

Reach for the Oooo.

Live a life of total titillation.

Podcast alert! French sex and sexual expression


  • Sex in France (and how it is different from the US)
  • How men owning their primal sexual desire are a huge turn-on
  • Getting back to passion despite distractions and routine
  • Sex as an expression and tool for discovery

Top Quotes:

  • “In parks in France in the summer, in the bushes, there are people having sex all the time!”
  • “Your sexual energy doesn’t just stay in the bedroom. I think it emanates through everything that you do every day. The way you walk, the way you handle yourself in the street, the way you do things, the way you hold your body, the way you speak.”
  • “Where is the easy button for orgasms?”
  • “Consistency is great, it’s wonderful, but it has to be disrupted once in a while with a bit of craziness.”

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