praise the Sexy

Working with Cécile has opened up new worlds of sensuality for me. My appreciation and enjoyment of so many things in my life are heightened. I have new habits that bring me great joy. And best of all, I am experiencing new heights of sexual pleasure.
— ISABEL [sensuality coaching client]
I’ve wrestled with the idea that taking pleasure in how my body appears or feels makes me narcissistic. But I absolutely love my body, I enjoy its capacity, I enjoy the way it moves, grows... the way it feels and looks. Cecile helped me understand that it is healthy and positive to embrace my body. It was a stretch to let myself dress up, but I did, and I am so glad I didn’t keep waiting for a “special day” to adorn my body and be proud - Thank you....
— HADEA ['30 days to Turn on your Sexy' challenge participant]
I lost my sensuality for a while after my last break up and had been looking for a way to instill it back into my life. Cécile made me realize that I’d been denying myself sensual pleasure in so many areas of my life. I loved realizing that I can start to bring back sensuality in my life through music, movies, my taste buds, art, decor, clothes and even a well-planned evening starting with a bubble bath. (you may have just converted me into becoming a bath person.) Thank you for curating an awesome selection of sensual things, it was just what I was looking for. With joy and gratitude for helping to bring me back to sensuality.
— STACEY ['30 days to Turn on your Sexy' challenge participant]

praise the Sensuality

Jamie Lashbrook
I met Cecile [in 2008] and my very first thought was that she really embodies the feminine spirit. She has a natural sensuality about her and truly celebrates being a woman. Every time I am in her presence, I feel inspired by her gentle confidence in how she takes care of and expresses herself. Our society has pushed women from their bodies with modern demands and I know Cecile’s truest passion is to guide women back to their root wisdom.
— JAMIE LASHBROOK [LMT, CHHC, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapist @]

praise the Wellness

Sraboni B.
When I started Cécile’s Health Coaching program, my health goals were primarily weight loss and maintaining a balanced diet. As I reached the halfway mark of the program, I was down a few pounds but also so much at peace with myself ☺ My biggest breakthrough from our sessions was the co-ordination between my mind and my body - I just started listening to my body more !
Life after completing the program: I eat right-by choice (try a lot of farm-to-table recipes), shed all my extra pounds, look forward to exercising, value time more, and basically feel more committed to my health and wellness.
— SRABONI [health coaching client]